Zane Trace Alumni Association

2019-20 Officers are:

President:   Lori Jones Clark '80

Vice-Pres:  Thomas Brown '78

Secretary:  Helen McGhee Platz '88


We are always looking for anything related to Kingston, Adelphi, Centralia, Zane Trace or any of the 1 room schools in our district. Anything: Yearbooks, pictures, programs, sports items, memorabilia, uniforms, jerseys, anything that has one of the school's names on it, information about schools' history, or any items belonging to former students. We now have an Alumni Archives Room at the school and are able to display and archive items 

there. The Alumni Room will be open during the Alumni Banquet. Anyone wishing to donate items to the School's Alumni Archives may contact Kevin Prickett at the school, 773-9854 (642-2033 home) or drop items off at the school anytime.

946 State Route 180, Chillicothe, OH 45601